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Ordering prints of some of my images presents a little challenge. Most of my images are cropped for composition not necessarily to fit a standard frame size. The following are instructions to insure that you are getting what you expect from your print order. If you do have any question about this process please use the contact me button found every page to send me an email.

You can order prints from several different options presented on the image screen. There are two Buy buttons visible; one in the center above the image and the other on the upper right-hand side of the screen. Alternatively, you can select the desired print side from the list of Featured Products menu on the right-hand side of the screen.


In the image above, 12"x18"  was selected for print size of this image. The Select Product screen will be displayed with the product (12" x 18" print) selected highlighted. You can change the product on this screen without having to return to the image screen if you wanted a different size. You can also change the quantity of prints desired. However, should you want multiple prints of differing sizes,  you must proceed to the next page. On that page is an option to purchase additional products of the selected image. Press the Add To Cart button shown below when ready to purchase and proceed to the next page.


After adding to the cart the Confirmation screen will be displayed. On this screen is an option to Preview and Configure. Using that option,  you will be able to make some adjustments to the print. You will also notice other options including the Buy More Products with Selected Photos option previously mentioned. Use the Preview and Configure option to check the croppping.


On the Preview and Configure screen the image is displayed with a red box bounding the actual print cropping based up the print size orders. As you can see in the image below, for the selected size of 12" x 18", a significant portion of both sides are cropped off the image. This is because the default option for cropping is Centered. Change the cropping option shown above the image to Fit to include all of the image on the print. 



In the image below you will notice that the red bounding cropping box now includes the entire image. However, as noted on the screen, there will be white space printed on the top and bottom of this image in order to use 12" x 18" paper.  This  can present a challenge in purchasing frames as frames usually come in standard sizes. Of course if you are flush mounting and not framing, there is no issue. One option is custom framing. I realize that can be expensive. However frame components can be purchased individually and custom make your own frame. In this case, purchase a pair of 12" frames sides and a pair of 18" frame sides. There are a number of places you can purchase frame sides including art supply shops. I use  Contemporary Frame Co. They are mail order located in Connecticut, US and can be found online. An another option would be to just print the image on standard size paper but that would cut portions of the image that I purposely included for composition purposes and that would not make me happy. 


Hope this helps, and again, if necessary do not hesitate to use the Contact Me button.